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Bread Co. Way

We take great pride in our recipes and traditions. To create our unique breads, we use:

  • Sea Salt, not regular iodized salt (which can cause hypertension)

  • Filtered water

  • We do not use hydrogenated oils in our breads.

  • Only Olive Oil used in select breads and Butter in our Challah

  • Fair trade locally roasted organic Coffee, all our coffees are bought from fairly traded coffee plantations and suppliers that support them.

  • 100 % Dairy cream used in our cakes

  • No Refined sugars added to our breads except Challah.

  • After being molded and shaped, our breads are aged 16-24 hours before baking to give them a unique flavour, aroma and texture

  • Hearth baking (on the soul of the oven), gives our breads distinctive crusts and unique flavour.

  • We have a carefully prepared selection of breads made from Organic flours.

  • All our soups are house made as well as our pastries and Breads


Bread Co.

The Bread Co. story started over 165 years ago. 


The Bronswyk family started baking in 1851 in the Netherlands. Mike and Dan, the current owners and head bakers of Bread Co., are 5th generation Bronswyks. Their father, Henk Bronswyk, and his brothers Toon, Bill, Kees, Martin, and Leonard, were all bakers. Mike and Dan continue to use age old recipes and traditions to create their unique and delicious breads and pastries.

 Our Bernard location has been open for 10 years, and our Pandosy location is going into its third year. 

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