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Bread Co.


Opening Hrs


October to April

7:00 am 5:00 pm Mon-Sat

Sun 8:00 am-5:00 pm


Summer Hrs

7:00 am-5:00 pm Mon-Sat

Sun 8:00 am-5:00 pm


Bernard Avenue: 250-762-3336
Pandosy Avenue: 250-763-7773

Bread Co.



164breaco02To provide a daily oasis for our guests by offering outstanding food and great service in a welcoming environment. We have four very important pieces to our business where we must consistently excel thus assuring the long term success of our company.
Create a positive work environment where our EMPLOYEES are proud to say they work at the The Bread Company and keep a commitment to quality using the question "Would I be proud to serve this to my friends and family?" as our Golden Rule.
Provide uncompromising customer service to each and every GUEST every day.
Create a friendly, warm environment where customers feel a connection to The Bread Company that extends beyond the products. We believe that COMMUNITY involvement creates brand loyalty.
Exemplify an excellent partnership with our VENDORS where integrity, accountablility, and stiving for excellence are our goals.

Why The Bread Company?


  • Sea Salt regular Iodized salt can cause hypertension

  • Filtered water, for the obvious

  • Vegetable oils, we do not use hydrogenated oils or animal fats in our breads.

  • Only Olive Oil used in select breads.
  • Free trade organic Coffee, all our coffees are bought from fairly traded coffee plantations and suppliers that support them.
  • 100 % Dairy cream used in our cakes
  • No Refined sugars added to our breads.
  • Our breads are aged 16-24 hours after being molded and shaped before baking to give them a unique flavor, aroma and texture
  • hearth baking (on the soul of the oven), gives our breads distinctive crusts and unique flavor.
  • We have a carefully prepared selection of breads made from Organic flours.

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